What Our Clients Say

“I just wanted to send a little thank you for working on the case. I am so grateful it is finally over – and very glad to have the extra money as it has come at a much-needed time. I appreciate all that you have done to make this possible. And hopefully, I won’t need your services again – but I will call you if I do!”

“Yvonne Griffin represented me in an accident case that required many months of hands-on attention. She was a compassionate person always taking into consideration my limited abilities from my brain injury, but not making me feel inferior. She is a true professional with all the knowledge necessary to provide excellent service for all of her clients.”

“Thank you for taking my ‘small’ case. I know you all worked hard to help me and I’m very grateful for all you did for me.”

“Lynn Bradley has been a force that has proven to be competent, professional and excelled at her work.”

“Ms. Hakes, Thank you so much. You don’t know what a wonderful gift you just gave to me, my son’s freedom. And I promise you he will be walking a fine line from here on out.”

“I consider myself fortunate to have had Kelly Roberts for an attorney. She is the consummate professional with a personal touch. She was readily available and kept me updated on my case in a very timely manner. She was great in the courtroom and always had my back. I HIGHLY recommend this law firm and specifically Kelly Roberts!!!!!”